be unique


Born and bred in Girona, into a world of pencils, colours, paints and textiles and surrounded by artists and creatives.
Studied fashion design at the Arts and Techniques of Fashion School in Barcelona.
Moved to Paris. Worked in haute couture (Guy Laroche) and prêt–à-porter (Michel Klein).
Returned to Barcelona. Worked and designed for some companies in the sector including Javier Simorra, Crocs, Reebok, Speedo, Arena, Puma and Le Coq Sportif.
Finally decided to create her own accessories range. Montsita Negre – Stamping Life.


Creative dictionary or the qualities that sum up our work.
INSPIRATION.Everything that moves or motivates or strikes or captivates us. From today or from yesteryear. In Europe, Asia, America – in the World.
PRINTS. Three cheers for illustration! And for tracing, pencils, drawing - and colour. But first and foremost, prints are an obsession and a passion for Montsita Negre. Unique, vital, contemporary.
EXCLUSIVENESS. One of the brand’s main values. This is why we only make a few units of each model. Just as every person is unique, so is our inspiration, and this should be reflected in our models.
HUMOUR.Every print has tiny touches of humour. Details which you could miss at first sight but which are always there. Why not try and find them for yourself?
SILKS, COTTONS, SOFT WOOLS AND CASHMERES. Only natural materials. The touch, weight and fall of textiles are the elements which Montsita Negre loves to play and experiment with. The result? Exquisite pieces which never date, always retaining their elegance and quality.